Volunteers for Wild West Fest Needed

Friends, we have an excellent fundraising opportunity and we need your help: we will be working the gate at Wild West Fest on July 1, 2, and 3 from 5-9:30. We need 5 people each night. The FHDP will get $600 that we can put toward shelters at the park. If you can work, please contact Laurie Mortinger at 635-5616. 

Arbor Day Tree Planting

From what I heard the Arbor Day celebration at the Dog Park went great!  There was a nice article in the HDN about it and I received a couple pics as well.  Thanks again to the Hays Beautification Committee, park’s Department, and Mayor Schwaller!

Here is a link to the HDN article:  http://www.hdnews.net/news/local/community-plants-for-future/article_bfc1bf58-7e78-5ac1-99c0-d37073e180e7.html

Grant from Heartland Community Foundation for Shelters

The Friends of the Hays Dog Park received a $5000 Dane G. Hansen grant from the Heartland Community Foundation.  The grant will be used to place a shelter in the dog park. We are also raising money for a second shelter.  We continue to move forward and improve the park!!  

Hays Post featured a nice article about the Heartland Community Foundation grant recipients, including the Hays Dog Park.  http://www.hayspost.com/2015/04/21/heartland-community-foundation-awards-over-106000-in-grants/

Freddy’s Fundraiser for the Hays Dog Park

plan to eat at Freddy’s on April 13 between 5 and 8. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Hays Dog Park.  


Match Madness Results

Friends, I just got the results of Match Madness:  $738.44 was donated to the Dog Park Fund at HCF. That money will remain in the foundation and be used long term for maintenance of the park. We received a match from HCF of $403.83 (at a rate of $.54 on the dollar); we can use that money toward shelters!  Wow!!  We raised money for two of our goals!!  BIG thanks to all of you that donated for the Hays Dog Park at Match Madness!!!  


Arbor Day Tree Planting at the Dog Park

Friends, there will be a tree planting on Arbor Day at the Hays Dog Park on April 16 at 12 PM. We get more trees!!!!  Yay!  Please plan to attend the ceremony.  


we LOVE puppies….but please leave them at home until they are 6 months old!

We’ve seen a number of puppies at the dog park lately….and it really isn’t the best place for a puppy.  Don’t get me wrong…..we LOVE puppies….it is just that they are not psychologically ready to deal with adult dog, some of which might not have the patience for a puppy AND they can pick up a number of nasty, life-threatening diseases until they are fully vaccinated. The HDP has a rule that puppies under 6 months should not use the park. Please….for the sake of your young friend….please wait!  

Here is a good article on why a puppy is not psychologically ready to hang with the big dogs:  http://www.ohbehave-dogtraining.com/dog-parks-not-for-puppies


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