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Also wanted to post an update from my previous post in early January.  The airport site is probably not a potential site anymore so we are back to the drawing board.  We are considering the originally proposed site at 13th and Harvest again, but we have to meet with the homeowners in the area to let them know of our plan.  More information on this as it becomes available.  We are now looking at some time in February or March.  In the meantime, please let the City know that you support this project.

Let the City know you support a dog park!

Friends, we need to let the City of Hays know how much interest there is in having a dog park in Hays.  Please take a moment out of your busy day to write or email the City Commissioners and the City Manager to let them know that the Friends of the Hays Dog Park would appreciate their support in getting a dog park.  Here is a link to their contact information:  I want the City officials to know just how much support there is for this in Hays.  Thanks!