New Fire Hydrant at the Park

How cute is this?! The City Parks staff surprised us with this gift in the park!! As always, if you see a City Park’s staff member…tell them thanks for all their work! And for the special gift!!


The Big Dog Park….

…is OPEN!!  And we have a sidewalk and shelter floor!!


Small Dog side OPEN. Big Dog Side CLOSED.

Friends, the small dog park is OPEN and it looks AWESOME!! The big dog park is closed until further notice! Thanks for your patience while we make improvements!!     

Small Dog Park CLOSED for the Weekend

The small dog park will remain CLOSED for the weekend while the large dog park is OPEN. Early next week the large dog park will be closed for work.   

Events Management Class Makes a Donation to the Dog Park

Amazing things keep happening for the dog park!!! Today I accepted a donation of $925.36 from the FHSU Tourism and Hospitality Management Program Events Management Class!! These students worked hard of their events this semester and we are truly grateful!! In exchange, they will have a bench under one of the shelters at the dog park!!

Work Update

The small dog park is CLOSED for the remainder of the week as the city Park’s staff works on the sidewalk and shelter floor. I will let you know about the weekend when I know. The large dog park will remain OPEN until next week when the city Parks Staff will begin work in there. 

I forgot to post this earlier….

The shelters are only the first part of the shelter project at the dog park. Weather permitting, the City Park’s staff will come in a pour the floor of the shelters and build sidewalks from the front entrance to them. We are also discussing moving the water fountains and a waste container. The final part will be to install benches–just like the others out there–which we currently have for sale (see previous post).