The Rules of the Hays Dog Park

Below are the rules for the Hays Dog Park. It is very important that we ensure that everyone is following the rules and respecting the park. Don’t be afraid to remind people who are violating the rules what they are:

Hays Dog Park Regulations: 

·  Aggressive dogs are not permitted. Dogs that show aggression must be removed immediately.

·  Owners must remain at the dog park with their dog(s) and monitor behavior of their dog(s).

·  No children under 12 years of age unless accompanied by an adult.

·  Always pick up after your dog(s). Feces are a source of parasites & disease.

·   Puppies under the age of 6 months are prohibited.

·  All dogs must be vaccinated & licensed prior to using the park.  Owners must have proof of vaccinations & licensing.

·  No more than 3 dogs per adult permitted.

·  Dogs in heat, pregnant or lactating are not permitted in the area.

·  Owners must have a leash in their possession for each dog. Dogs must be on a leash when outside the dog park.

·  Smoking, food (human and dog), and alcohol are not allowed in the park. 

·  Please keep gate closed at all times.

·  Please control excess barking.

·  Please do not allow dogs to dig holes. Holes are a hazard for humans as well as dog



8 Responses

  1. Went out there last weekend to check it out, took a while to find how to get back too it. Will you be installing/modifying signs? Also, what will the official name be — Hays Dog Park or to fit the community “The Dog Park” ha, ha? Anywho, I just hope you don’t name it after someone, tired of having every building in town having some rich persons name on it….kind of takes away the community ownership view. Anyway, congrats and great job on the fundraising and coming in under budget!

    • Thanks! Right now it does not have a name. In all honesty, if someone makes a major contribution there is still the possibility of a named park, but right now it is just the Hays Dog Park. When the park opens I will try to create better directions. At present, we are trying to avoid a flood of people out there until they get the work done.

  2. Also wondered what is/if there is a the plan on letting travelers stopping on vine know that we have this amenity.

    • Yes, definitely! That was one if the selling points for the park. We will let the hotels that are dog friendly know.

  3. I Haven’t lived here all my life so when a local gives me directions to the dog park, like “drive by the soccer field and you’ll see it right there !”, i didn’t see it…anywhere. is it possible to get a physical address to the park ??

    • There is not a physical address. BUT….once the park is opened I will try to post a map or better directions. The entrance is kind of hidden. Keep checking back!

  4. First time going to the park my dog got bit by a brown boxer dog and I asked the owner if his dog had all his shots and he replied saying yes they were” ALL” up to date.Yet I didn’t see any dog tags on his dog and ofcourse my dog has her tags on. What do I do now I’m obviously going to take her to the vet asap to make sure he wasn’t lieing, but my concern mostly is what if he was then what should I do with her expenses is he going to get fined for breaking those rules of the park or pay for her expenses since his dog didn’t have all his shots like he said he did?

    • Heidi, I am sorry your dog had such a bad experience at the park. We have contacted the Parks Director, who has contacted law enforcement to look into the situation. In the future, in the case of any incident at the park, please call the emergency number provided on the rules sign and law enforcement will be notified. Healing wishes for your pup.

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