HDP Update in the Hays Post

Great article in the Hays Post about what we have going on for the dog park! Also a link to our memorial bench forms! http://www.hayspost.com/2015/10/29/friends-of-the-hays-dog-park-work-toward-upgrades-at-the-hays-dog-park/


Donation in Memory of Jeremy Ortiz To Fund a Portion of the New Shelter in the Big Dog Park

The Hays Dog Park received a very generous donation from Tom Alm of Discovery Drilling in memory of Jeremy Ortiz. The donation will pay for part of the new shelter in the large dog park and we will have a sign honoring the memory of Mr. Ortiz near the shelter. I did not know Jeremy, but I understand that he was a big dog lover. It is an honor for us to have a memorial to him at the dog park.

Pre-game Event to Benefit Dog Park

Don’t forget about the pre-game event on Saturday to benefit the dog park! http://www.hayspost.com/2015/10/26/fhsu-class-will-host-pregame-party-to-benefit-dog-park-improvements/

Shelter and Sidewalk Installation

Friends, in early November the company we bought the shelters from will deliver them and starting installing them. The park will be closed for a couple days as a result. Sometime after that the park will again be closed for a few days as the city installs the sidewalks and shelter foundations. This will depend on weather and park staff availability. We don’t have exact dates yet but will try to let you know when we hear. Thanks for your understanding as we improve the park!!! 

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament to Benefit the Dog Park

Love basketball??? And the dog park?? Then we have the event for you:

If you have issues at the Dog Park….

Friends, if you are at the dog park and someone is violating one of the rules of the park or their dog is being aggressive, please immediately call the number that we have provided on the rules signs (625-1011) and law enforcement will respond to your request. I keep the number in my phone under the heading “Dog Park Issues” in case I need to make a call. Please don’t hesitate to make that call–that is why that number is there.

Annual Sale Results

I am pleased to announce that we made $3700 off of our Annual Sale and Raffle! Thanks to everyone who supported the park by donating items and shopping the sale…..and special thanks to those who volunteered their time to make it happen!!