A Hays Daily News Article About the Request

Here is a link to a recent Hays Daily News article about the Friends of the Hays Dog Park request this evening:  http://www.hdnews.net/Story/citypre062012


Link to an Interesting Dog Park Study

Here is a link to an interesting study that faculty at US Davis did about dog parks:  http://www.vmth.ucdavis.edu/home/beh/Dog_Park/Dog_Park_Management_Guidelines.pdf

The article has some good information for those wishing to start a dog park and some useful information about the benefits of a park to the community.

Information About Our Proposal to the City Commission

Please see the City Commission Work Session agenda for additional information about the proposed dog park:  http://www.haysusa.com/FINAL_-_6-21-12_WORK_SESSION_AGENDA_PACKET.pdf


The Friends Will Request Land From the City Commission on June 21

The Friends will be attending the City Commission Working Session on Thursday, June 21. The work session starts at 6:30 PM but I am not sure yet where we are on the agenda. I will update you when we find out. We are requesting a plot of land at the Bickle-Schmidt Sports Compex for the dog park. We really need a show of support! Please come, wear your Friends shirts, and let the commissioners know we are serious. We are also going to ask people to come to the June 28th meeting when they give their final decision, so if you can’t come to this one, please try to make it to that one.