The Big Dog Park….

…is OPEN!!  And we have a sidewalk and shelter floor!!



3 Responses

  1. It really pisses me off that I am not allowed to take my dogs to the hays dog park because they are “pitbulls” in a way that’s considered prejudice. If you think Rottweilers, German sheperads, Dobermans etc. can’t be just as mean as pitbulls well I’m sorry but you’re an idiot. Just because some people use the pitbull breed for fighting dogs somehow every pitbull is bad. That’s like saying Hey some black people are mean so we’re gunna ban them all from coming in. I’ve met some pretty awesome black people. My point is any aggressive dog shouldn’t be aloud not just pitbulls. Every dog should be given a chance just like every human should!

    • Kaiden, I sympathize with your perspective. We talked with the city about this, but ultimately had to follow the city’s rules on pit bulls. I have met many sweet pit bulls and may non-putties that are aggressive. It is not our call to make–it is the City of Hays. I recommend you take this issue up with the City Commission and the Director of Parks. Thanks.

  2. *pitties…..not putties.

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