We NEED a dog park!!We NEED a dog park!!Hi, my name is Kim Perez and I am the proud owner of two high-energy, fun-loving Brittanys, Sage and Lark.

This blog was set up to begin a discussion amongst interested dog owners and members of the community about creating a dog park in Hays, KS.  I hope to educate the readers about the benefits of a dog park and enlist interested individuals in the cause.  I also hope to use this site to get feedback from interested readers about how to proceed in this process.  So, if you an interested dog owner who would, like myself, love to provide your dogs the opportunity to socialize in a community dog park–this blog is for you!  Please join me.

Check out Friends on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/103442173090740/


13 Responses

  1. Kim,
    My husband Jim and I are dog lovers. We have a high energy Westie that wants to run but out yard isn’t that big and we are too old for jogging. At just over a year old, “Gabby” would definately benefit from a dog park. How can we help?

    • Virginia, Thanks for your reply. Up until now I have simply been collecting information to see if people in Hays would be interested and there is a lot of interest in the region. I would like to get some people together in the next month or so to talk about options–would you be interested in joining the conversation?

  2. Kim,
    I would be interested too! I have to high-energy Golden Retrievers who would love to meet and play with some other dogs. Keep us posted as to progress!

  3. I am going to post something soon about Barkapalooza–a fundraiser for a dog park in Hays. So keep a look out! This may happen soon!

  4. I’m in Russell, and I’m so happy there will be a dog park in the area. My hope is that a successful dog park in Hays will help other communities to consider a dog park in their cities as well.

    My Belgian Tervuren Keeshond cross will come to visit the dog park in Hays to run and play with the other dogs…

  5. Could you please provide a link to your facebook page on this blog. I would like to support this! Thank you!

  6. I was wondering if there is an update as far as the status of the dog park? How much more money needs to be donated? More information would be great!

    • So far we have raised about $15,000. We are having a meeting on Sunday at 2:00 PM at the public library–please attend if you can. We need help with fu drainers and requesting money. If you cannot come, please email me at keperez00@gmail.com and I will put your name of the “will help” list. Thanks.

  7. Is there a place to see the actual plan for the dog park? I don’t want to go through pages and pages of the blog or facebook posts. I see Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3…but what does that actually entail? I’d think you would have an easy place to locate this…or at least I haven’t found it.

    • Eddie, the easiest place would be to go to the pictures on our Facebook page to see the map. The small dog area is phase 1, the large dog area is phase 2, and phase 3 is amenities like shelters, etc.

  8. I am looking into the possibility of creating a dog park in the Pawnee County area (Larned). I was given your contact information as a good source to reach out to. Would you be able to provide me with the steps I need to take to get one going here in Larned? What are the maintenance and other costs associated? Is it possible to create something at a low cost? How has the dog park benefited the city and its residents? Did you locate any special funding such as grants to get this going? Did you run into any obstacles? Any and all information would be beneficial as I venture into this process. I can be reached by phone or email. My contact information is listed below.


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