Garage Sale

FHDP Garage Sale, September 6th and 7th. We will be accepting donations the evenings of the 4th and 5th. Please help us start the fundraising for Phase 2 off right.



Dog Park Phases

Some people have asked about the details of the various phases…..Phase 1 will be the fencing for the 1 acre area, plus the road, parking lot, staging area, water lines, a message center, some seating, and signage.  Phase 2 ($42,269) will be fencing for thlarger 5 acres area, more seating, signage, and another water station in that area.  Finally, Phase 3 will be primarily shelters and seating.Hays Dog Park

We Are There…..

Want to hear some great news??? The FHDP has officially raised all of the fund for Phase 1!!!!  Woot!!!!  We have talked to the Park’s Director and set a tentative date to go to the city in late October to request permission to begin building!!  I will keep you posted on the exact date and our progress!!  Now, I am off to do a happy dance!!!!!!!

Info re: September Garage Sale


So Close

We are soooo close to having the money for Phase 1. Please send in your brick forms, donations, and support our fundraiser at K-9 Swim & Play. If we get to our goal…we could be going to the City Commission to ask permission to build in a month or so…..fingers crossed!!!

Thanks to the Hays Rotary

BIG THANKS to the Hays Rotary club for donating to the dog park project. They were the first group of citizens that we went to–several months ago–who said YES they would support the cause! And even though we have had several other generous donations come in….this one means a lot!!!


Pup and People Bake Sale

CALL FOR TREATS for our People and Pup Bake Sale to be held at the HRC K-9 Swim & Play at the Hays Aquatic Center on Saturday, August 17 from 11-1. Please bring your treats, clearly marked as for “people” or “pup” to the event a little before 11. Please package them in baggies and include a little of ingredients (some dogs are sensitive to certain ingredients). If you want to deliver your treats sooner, contact Cheryl Hofstetter Duffy on FB, at 785-635-3044, or at Thanks!!!