Dog Parks in Kansas

I checked the number of dog parks in Kansas that are registered at Dog Park USA an online dog park guide and was pleasantly surprised by the number:  13 towns with dog parks, and some towns with multiple sites.  Granted, most of the parks were around larger cities like Kansas City, Wichita and Topeka, but there were some in more rural areas:  Salina, Hutchinson, and (I was surprised by this) Garden City!  It is time for a dog park in Hays!


Interested in a Dog Park in Hays?

I had a table at the Humane Society of the High Plains’ fundraiser (Soup-R-Bowl) today where I collected a lot of names and email addresses of people who were interested in having a dog park in Hays.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and the need seems to be great.  If you are interested in having a dog park in Hays, please stay tuned.  I hope to get a meeting together in the next month to discuss what we need to do to get started.  Hope to see you soon!