Thanks to Friend Pat Geier

BIG Thank you to Pat Geier for his generous donation to the dog park in memory of his mother! Pat has been one of our best volunteers and has been integral in moving the project forward. We are sad to see him move, but he has certainly left his mark on the community through his work with the FHDP. Thanks for all you have done Pat!




Keep an Eye Out for Signs of Aggression at the Park

Friends, we know our dogs better than anyone else….and we need to be vigilant at the park for signs of aggression. Dogs are predators after all. Here are the signs of dog aggression–please learn these and watch for them. And if there is an incident, don’t hesitate to call the police number listed–625-1011. I have the number programmed in my phone.

Great Conversation on Dog Aggression

Friends, after a minor incident at the park, a couple dog owners started a good conversation on Facebook about dog aggression and expectations. Check OU the conversation here:

Should I Take My Dog To The Dog Park?

Unfortunately not all dogs should go to the dog park…sad but true. Read this article to evaluate whether you should take your dog to the park:

Hays Post Story About the Dog Park

Jump to 11:57 for a story on the dog park!

Hays Dog Park Clean Up Day Scheduled

A dog park in the city of Augusta, Maine was closed because people were not picking up after their pups.
Let’s hope that this NEVER happens at the Hays Dog Park!! In fact, attending our regularly scheduled Clean Up Days the first Sunday of the month and picking up after your pup will go a long way to ensuring that it does not!

The FIRST Dog Park Clean Up Day will be Sunday, March 2nd from 1-2 PM. Please leave your pup at home because you can’t clean up and supervise your dog.

Dog park Clean Up Days will be scheduled the first Sunday of the month from 1-2 PM.

See you there!

How To Break Up a Dog Fight

At our GRAND OPENING on April 26, an Animal Control Officer, will give a seminar on how to break up a dog fight. Hopefully it is something we never have to do. Until then, here is an article on how to do it: