Interesting Question

Someone asked an interesting question on NexTech this week and I thought I would share the question and the answer. A person messaged me because they were afraid that the city would close the area parks to dogs if Hays got a dog park. I asked the Parks Director and he said that there was no plans to shut down other parks to dogs. The dog park would just be a fenced in alternative to walking your dog on a leash in Hays parks. Good to know!!


Partnership with Hays Community Foundation

FHDP will officially become at member of the Heartland Community Foundation on Wednesday at 9:00 AM when we give them a check! If you are in the area of the Hays Convention and Visitors Bureau, please feel free to stop by.

Busy, busy, busy

We have been working our tails off…pun intended…on dog park stuff. Check back often for some exciting updates!