Dog Park Regulations

After much discussion, we have worked with the Parks Director to finalize the rules for the dog park:

Rules and Regulations

Use of this park constitutes agreement to the following rules:


Dogs must be 6 months of age or over and have valid rabies vaccination.

All dogs must wear a collar with identification and rabies tags when using the park.

Dogs must be leashed when entering or leaving the fenced area of the park and have a leash available at all times when in the park.

No children under 12 years of age unless accompanied by and adult.

Keep the gates closed at all times.

Dog owners/handlers must remain in the dog park with the dog(s) and must be in reasonable control of the dog(s) at all times.

No more than three (3) dogs are allowed per owner/handler.

Aggressive dogs are not permitted. Dog’s that show aggression must be removed immediately.

Dangerous Dogs as defined in City of Hays, Code of Ordinance, Chapter 5, Section 5-123 are not allowed in the dog park.

The dog park is only for use by dogs and owners/handlers. No other types of pets are allowed.

No food (human or dog), rawhide chews, bones or similar are allowed in the dog park.

Items that may cause health concerns for dogs such as cigarette butts, chewing tobacco and alcohol shall be properly disposed of and NOT left on the ground.

No littering and no glass bottles.

Owners/handlers are responsible for their dog’s behavior and must immediately remove any excrement deposited by their dog and must fill in any holes dug by their dog.

Dogs in heat, pregnant or lactating are not permitted in the dog park.

Owners/handlers are responsible for any injuries or property damage caused by their dog.

Owner/handlers must immediately restrain their dog and/or leave the park when instructed to do so by an Officer or by an employee of the City of Hays.

Violation or disregard of these rules can result in removal from the park temporarily or permanently.

Animal bites should be reported to the City of Hays Police Department at 628-1011 or if it is an emergency dial 911.



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