Dog Park

I went out to the dog park site today. It has been a week since I last went out and discovered that they had started building. I took my dogs, Sage and Lark, and we walked the perimeter and went inside the space a bit. I have been worrying for months that Sage would not get to see the park…so I planned to take her out alone on Sunday and spend some time there. On Sunday morning Sage had a stroke, and by Tuesday…she was gone.

Today it was just Lark and I at the site. I debated going. I didn’t know how I would feel seeing this place that I knew Sage would never visit. But we’ve come so far…and so many people have worked so hard, and given so much. So I decided I wanted to go. I needed to see the progress.

The small dog park is almost completely fenced in. Part of the large park is too. The staging area has been poured. It is really starting to shape up and look like a dog park.

I am heartbroken that Sage will never play there. But I realize that this is about more than me and my dogs. It is about a community of dog lovers and their furry friends. It’s about a group of people who came together and made something happen out of love and respect for their dogs. It is about every smile and warm feeling that a person has when they watch their dogs play in that space. And Sage….while she may never play there…she played a part in inspiring it.


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