Dog Park Close to Reality

Friends, as a result of all of your hard work and donations, we are so close to making this park a reality!!!! We have the money for Phase 1 (and then some!) and the bids for construction!!!! Please join us October 17 and 24 as we go to the City Commission to ask them for permission to build!!!!


2 Responses

  1. I Will be moving across country in the next few years (possibly within the next 6 months) and will be staying in Hays overnight. I will be traveling with my 2 year old and my female boxer. Do you have any information I could have about your park such as address it will be located, if I can bring my dog (will it be a membership only park or can I pay per use), and any rules you have? Thanks in advance!

    • The best way to keep track of the park is by liking our facebook page and checking here periodically. We have not started building yet and I am not sure when it will happen (soon, I hope). As I get information I will post in on these sites. The park will be open and not fee based. We will post rules as we start building.

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