FHDP Celebrating!!



City Commission Voted 4-1 to Support a Phased Approach to the Dog Park

The Hays City Commission voted 4-1 tonight to allow the FHDP to pursue the park in phases. Phase 1 will cost about $33,000 and we already have $16,500! We are halfway there. I will post more about the phases at a later point–I have limited time tonight. What this means though is that we need to kick the fundraising efforts into HIGH gear and we really need your donations. Again, I will post more on that soon!

Since I have to leave town tomorrow for a conference, I will just say for tonight:

BIG thanks to those of you who came out tonight to show your support and those of you who have worked hard.

We have a lot of work ahead of us and we need to start twisting some arms!!!!

Also, please send a note to Commissioners Schwaller, Phelps, Musil, and Mellick thanking them for their support!

And finally…join us next Thursday for a fundraising planning meeting.