Garage and Bake Sale a HUGE Success!!!

Friends, the Garage and Bake Sale was a HUGE success this past weekend.  We raised $3,000!!!!  We now have $6,700 to put toward our cause…..This is a great start, but we still need a lot more!  Please encourage friends to make a tax deductable, refundable donation to the City.

Thanks to all of you who donated goods or worked hard to make the Sale a SUCCESS!


2 Responses

  1. Im not really seeing how to joint the group but I do have a question. We have two amazing pittbulls and a boxer, they are some of the most loving dogs you will ever meet. Due to the city ordinance we can’t really walk our dogs anywhere unless we are out of the city limits, the muzzle thing doesn’t work since our dogs didn’t grow up with one, when we put one on they wouldn’t go off the porch, took the skin off thier nose trying to get it off. I want to know is this dog park going to welcome all breeds of dogs or is it going to discriminate against our family pets as well as the city is? If not let me know.

    • Tina, sorry about the delay. I forget the check the comments on the blog. I believe that you already found the FB page and have an answer,or the best we can do at this point, to your question. If not, let me know.

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