The Benefits of a Dog Park

A dog park in Hays would benefit not only dogs and dog owners, but also the community at large.   Some of the benefits include:

For Dogs

  1. Exercise.   This is especially important when my spouse is gone and I cannot walk my two dogs.  Or when the sidewalks are icy and I am afraid I will fall.  Plus, dogs will exercise more when they are off-leash.
  2. Socialization.  A well socialized dog is a better behaved dog around other dogs and people.  They are less likely to be aggressive, to bark a lot, or to participate in obsessive behaviors like digging. 
  3. Fun.  Let’s face it, it is much more fun to explore a park with new sights, smells, dogs and people than it is to spend time in the back yard.  Again, troubling dog behaviors usually manifest themselves when a dog is bored (digging, barking, etc.).
  4. Safety.  If a dog park is designed correctly and monitored correctly, it provides a safe environment for you and your pet to play and exercise.  You can avoid moving vehicles (even down some of the smaller side streets cars tend to move really quick around town) and salt on the sidewalks (while great for melting ice, it is dangerous for dogs).


For People

  1. It is fun to watch dogs interact.
  2. Or better yet, you could exercise with your dog—walk the park with you dog or play ball. 
  3. You get to enjoy the great outdoors.
  4. You get to meet others dog lovers and share ideas regarding training, dog products, and dog friendly activities.
  5. The dog park provides you an opportunity to train your dog in a new, more challenging situation.


For The Community

  1. Well socialized dogs are friendlier dogs and this means fewer dog attacks and less annoying behavior. 
  2. Parks designated for dogs keep other parks dog free.
  3. Every dog park should have a bulletin board where the Humane Society can list the pets they have for adoption and promote membership.  Members of the dog park can also use this to post information and announcements for fellow dog park users.
  4. The ability to meet fellow dog lovers and to post information on a dog park bulletin board might ensure that pets found new homes BEFORE they were surrendered to a shelter.  OR, it will help dogs better fit into their homes because exercise and socialization decrease destructive behaviors and owners are less likely to get rid of their family pet.
  5. A dog park would provide a place to hold “dog friendly” events—Bark in the Park, Agility Training, Canine College—in a safe, dog-friendly environment.
  6. An accessible dog park provides disabled and elderly people a place to exercise their companions. 
  7. A dog park might tempt people off of I-70 who are traveling with pets.  I know that when I travel with my dogs, I plan my lunch/dinners breaks and overnights stays around the presence of dog-friendly places–and I am sure that many people traveling I-70 do the same. 
  8. And finally, a dog park promotes responsible pet ownership.  This benefits the dog, the dog owner, AND the whole community!

One Response

  1. Great post! I often think of the benefits for the dogs and people, but I particularly like how you pointed out that the whole community benefits. “Dog people” always seem to get along based on their common thread. Hoping we’ll get a dog park in our community soon.

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