Welcome to “Friends for a Hays Dog Park” Blog

Hays needs a community dog park!  There I have said it!  This is something that I have secretly been longing for since I moved to Hays seven years ago.  Recently I have vocalized this desire to a couple fellow dog owners and they were very encouraging, so I thought I would take my idea public.

Hays is a great community for outdoor activities.  The Hays Parks Department has done an outstanding job providing great spaces for a diversity of needs.  There are parks for frisbee golf, skateboarding, playing on playground equipment, big fields for flag football or soccer, baseball fields, and beautiful places to have a picnic and enjoy the scenery.  The one kind of park that Hays is lacking is a place for dogs to run off some energy and socialize with other dogs and people….Hays needs a dog park!

Hays is also a very dog friendly community.  This year my dogs and I have participated in some really great dog-human activities.  My youngest graduated from Canine College, my oldest took an agility class, and we all went to K-9 Swim at the Aquatic Center.  All of these activities are offered through the Hays Recreation Commission .   We also attended the Humane Society of the High Plains’ fundraiser/activity Bark in the Park.  So there are a lot of GREAT community activities designed to socialize and exercise dogs.  But wouldn’t it be great to be able to do this on a daily basis?

I should be clear though, at present there is no dog park in the works, no plan on the table.  In my brief conversation with the Director of Parks and also in my conversations with other proponents, the one thing that has become very clear is that FIRST we need a community of dog-owners and lovers to stand up and say that they are willing to work for a dog park and to help support it and maintain it for years to come.  That is the purpose of this blog–to begin to form that community.  So, if you would like to see a dog park in Hays, like I would, please let me know.  We can begin to form a “Friends of the (Proposed) Hays Dog Park” association.  You could post a blog or a comment on this blog.  You can help educate others as to the need and the logistics.  Please let me know….  And be sure to check back here periodically to see what is happening on the dog park front.


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